Necklaces & Bodice Enhancements For Sale Necklaces & Bodice Enhancements For Sale Stag's Head Pendant This pendant has been carefully created with silver colore wire and has been sculpted by hand to a Stag's head. $25.00 197373434 Green Flower Bodice Enhancement/ Necklace This Bodice Enhancement can also by used as a necklace. The centerpiece is a Swarovski Crystal Green Flower with 3 faux pearl drops. The strands are translucent green beads with a matte gold beads spaced along the lengths. AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN WEBSTORE! 53557924 Pink Pearls & Crystal Necklace This Necklace features a single strand of Genuine Blush Pink Pearls with a Gold-toned pendant with Pink & Purple Swarovski Crystal center and a matching pearl drop & 2 purple teardrop crystals. The clasp is a gold plated Heart shaped lobster clasp. AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN WEBSTORE 75575270 Red & Black Bodice Enhancement This Bodice Enhancement features Blackstone Beads, Red Metallic Seed Beads, Red Swarovski Crystals, Faux Pearl and a Antique Gold Filigree Centerpiece with Red Swarovski Crystal Detail. $20.00 88463780 Sparkly Purple Iolite Pendant in Gold & Silver This large Purple Iolite Cabochon features a unique Glitter appearance and has been wrapped into a Pendant with Gold Filled Wire & Sterling Silver Wire. Perfect for the Lady that wears gold & silver. $60.00 ( 197350013 Natural Orange Sapphire in Pure Silver Filigree This pendant is created with Pure Silver and a naturally orange Songea Sapphire. I created the pendant/setting to accentuate the bright orange of the sapphire. Overall size of the pendant is 3/4". Currently on sale for Valentine's Day! $45.00 ( 197350017 Alternate View of Orange Sapphire Pendant Another view of the Orange Sapphire Silver Filigree Pendant 197350015 Sunstone in Gold Pendant This Pendant features a Golden Schiller Sunstone Cabochon (Indian Sunstone) that has been minimally wrapped in Gold Filled Square Wire. This piece is so new it has not yet been listed on my etsy page! $45.00 197350016 Pyrite in Quartz Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant This pendant features a minimally wrapped Cabochon features Pyrite in Quartz. Created by a small artisian lapidary, I wrapped it in Gold Filled Wire to create this delicate pendant. $35.00 ( 197350014 Twisted Copper Wire Wrapped Pink Sea Glass Heart Pendant This is a .75" x.875" Pink Sea Glass Heart Pendant wrapped in Twisted Copper Jewelry Wire. This is a Double Sided Pendant, so you can wear it both ways. $15.00 for the Pendant *additional $5.00 for copper chain 121272993 Side 2 of the Twisted Copper Wrapped Heart Pendant 121272992 Purple Lepediolite & Faux Pearls This necklace is truely reminescent of Renaissance Lady's Wardrobes. It features a shorter neckline of 2 strands of Faux Pearls spaced out with Genuine Purple Lepediolite. A wonderful piece for modern or historical wear. (In Webstore) 197598579 RARE Pink Flash Labradorite Pendant This LARGE pendant features the RARE Pink flash across the entire face of this stone. It is also a Large size (2" top to bottom) and will surely garner stares! (In Webstore) 197598580 Pink Flash Labradorite straight on It may not look like much at first but the smallest hint of light will light up this stone with a beautiful pink color (see above). (In Webstore) 197598581 RARE Pink Flash Labradorite & Smokey Quartz Pendant This pendant features a different shape of Labradorite for you. Still features that RARE Pink Flash (across all cuts/angles), this piece also features a beautiful faceted Smokey Quartz bead, all sitting on Square Sterling Silver wire. $40.00 197598582 Another View of the above pendant to show more flash 197598583 SOLD! Silicone "Pearl" Teething Necklace Even Renaissance Ladies need to wear functional Jewelry now and then, especially with Teething Babies! This "pearl" necklace features 80 Silicone "pearls" and is 22" long. The Silicone is BPA Free and made from the same Silicone as Pacifiers and Bottle nipples. It is strung on a White Satin Cord and secured in an easy plastic clasp (same materials as ChewBeads!) SOLD 197598584 Detail of "Pearls" 197598585 Black Agate & Gold Necklace This Necklace features a string of Black Agate beads with a Gold Plated Pendant and Black Crystal Drops. The Pendant can be removed and worn as a broach if desired or together. $35.00 *Black Strands were common from the Italian Renaissance on* 199596673 SOLD! Blue Opal on Antique Gold Filigree This piece is re-creatable. the blue opal is wire wrapped onto a Antiqued Gold Plated Filigree pendant. Very Pretty & Very Historical! 199596674 Bronze Flower Pendant This piece is a 3D Flower in Solid Bronze. I've used a mold with Precious Metal Clay to create the pendant and should be suitable to be worn during any time period. $30.00 *the sister piece is currently at our County Fair 199596675 Bronze Leaf Pendant This pendant will be attached to some Bronze Chain soon. I created the mold from a Black Oak Leaf (gathered just outside of Yosemite) and pressed the PMC into. When it was done firing the green/brown patina was already on the piece and it just looked cool so I've left it. I polished just around the holes and then sealed the piece with a clear gloss so that patina will not change. $TBD 199596676 Bronze Shell Pendant This pendant was created with PMC and a stamp. The green/brown patina from the Kiln is being left on and I've polished the raised areas only. $TBD *This piece is currently at our County Fair. 199596677 Signature Spiral Tree on Bronzite This pendant is created with my signature spiral tree in Silver Plated Wire attached to a small artisan Bronzite piece. The bail (hanger) wire has been incorporated into the tree so the tree has been completely secured to the stone without the use of glues/adhesives. $TBD *Currently at the County Fair 199596678 "Small" Signature Spiral Tree in Gold This tree is created with Gold Plated Wire and is in the "small" size. Each tree is unique even if the materials start out the same, they just "grow" to look their own. $15.00 199596679