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Isabella's Goodes is currently offering Historically Inspired Jewelry and now Horse Wear! I look to the portraits for inspiration to help design unique Jewelry. I plan to offer Clothing and Household Goodes in the future as well. If you know of events in California (near San Francisco Bay Area) that allows merchants, please let me know! I'm looking to sell my items at events as well. 

We are on FACEBOOK and ETSY! Like us for Special Discounts and Sneak Peeks! And ETSY! 

 Also, I have a page on my main website for Historical Goodes (!isbellasgoodes/cgt8). This one is updated more frequently.

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Yours In Service,

Isabella de Montgomery

West Kingdom, Principality of the Mists, Barony of Darkwood, Canton Caer Darth

(Santa Cruz Mountains, CA)

Whats New?

9/2/2015: More Product updates. It's getting hard to keep up with Life, 2 websites, etsy & Facebook. I'll be seperating the Historical Goodes on Etsy this weekend so it will be easier to see these items only. I've also created a page on my main website ( for my historical goodes. Also, my mare was put down on Father's Day so I will not be creating her Barding. I may work with the fabric on another horse to make it for sale though.

2/25/2015: More product updates are here. The Sales Page is being updated throughout the rest of the day and tomorrow so check back often, I've been busy creating! We will be attending Falcon's Treaty in Milpitas, CA so if you want to pick up items to save the shipping charges, please let me know. We are also scheduled to attend Spring Equestrium in Paicines, CA but our Son's TBall practices are scheduled for the full weekends which 

2/5/2015: New Pendant created, A lovely Stag in Silver colored wire! Now in the Sales Gallery!  

2/3/2015: I've updated all of the Sales Galleries to be current with links to purchasing the items that are also available on my Etsy page. Remember, I have more jewelry than what is shown here as I have a "mundane" jewelry site as well ( or I will be starting to work on Horse Barding for Equestrians. I'm starting off with my own mare who will be wearing green similar to this

1/20/2015:  I'm updating this website & the Facebook page more frequently now. I've re-opened my Historically Inspired pieces now that I'm getting active in the SCA again and doing further research on other period styles. I've recently created a partially period-correct Italian outfit and my man's fencing doublet, which is resulting in more jewelry. Some will cross over to the modern world but some will only be appropriate to the Early Greek -Renaissance periods.

12/12/2011: I know I haven't updated this site in a while because I've been updating my other site ( and it takes so long I only can do 1 site at a time (Satellite Internet is NOT as fast as broadband). I am having a Last Minute Shopper promo on my Etsy page, Free Domestic Shipping with the coupon code "HolidayElf". Most of my higher end items are listed here so Please feel free to check it out & order. One example is our Genuine Ruby in Gold Filled Wire,


7/12/2011:  Lets Talk Gemstones! Have you heard the terms "Synthetic", "Imitation", "Natural" or "Lab Created" and wondered what these meant and how they relate to each other?

Natural is the easiest to understand & recognize, it is simply a Gemstone found in the ground by Mining. It may be treated for various aspects (heat treated or irradiated for color, stablized for Stability, Coated for color, etc). Lab Created is a stone that was grown in a Lab but is chemically the same as a Natural stone, usually better quality and less expensive (than a natural of the same quality). They maintain the properties (ie hardness) of the natural stone but doesn't require mining. Synthetic (or Imitation) is a stone created in a lab to LOOK like the natural stone but will NOT maintain the properties of the natural stone. They are not usually as good a quality as a natural or lab created stone. They are usually extremely cheaper than the natural or lab created stones.

These are very important terms to understand when buying Gemstone Jewelry and the Jeweler/Designer/Artist should freely tell you if they are Synthetic, Lab Created or Natural. If they refuse to tell you or try to get around telling you, something is wrong and I'd walk away. They will probably by Imitation/Synthetic and are selling at too high a price.

7/11/2011: Our Non-SCA sister site Sacred Coyote Designs ( tends to get the updates sooner and has more Non-SCA jewelry available for sale.

5/16/2011: I've added the desciptions of some Gemstone & Pearl Drop Earrings to the Sales Gallery. Photos to come soon! 

5/13/2011: Coming this weekend, Gemstone Drop earrings! These are simple & plain earring featuring a genuine gemstone drop hanging from ear wires (posts available by request). These will be priced at $5.00.

5/6/2011: Photos have been uploaded of the new Cuff Bracelet in the Sales Gallery.

4/15/2011: Now we have available a dainty cuff bracelet. Photos coming soon! It features Silver Filled Wire, 5 "Cherry Quartz" beads spaced by small cube Rose Quartz beads. Very pretty!

4/8/2011: I've got several new pendants that will be photographed and uploaded this weekend. I've also got a few simple wire rings that I'll be uploading too. I've made a beautiful bracelet that I will upload into the Example items gallery as well. I'm currently working on another bracelet for the Sales Gallery. It features the Sterling Silver Wire and the "Cherry Quartz" beads seen in the rings gallery. I'm really happy with the way its currently turning out.

If you would like to be always up to date, please join my facebook page for Isabella's Goodes. I post sneak peeks of most jewelry items there before they go live on the website. The photos are usually from my phone and not the best, but you know first!

I am also in the market for some unique Cabachons, if you create or sell them please contact me. Also, if you just happen to have some around that you want to move on, please contact me! My local supply mostly are smaller and oval (I've already picked out a good portion of their squares). I'm looking for statement pieces to work with.

3/27/2011: I've added photos of the Rings to the Sales Gallery and I've added a new pendant to the Webstore (in place of the rings). Its is a 1" x .75" piece of Rose Quartz Wrapped in Sterling Silver. Stunning piece. 

3/25/2011: I've added 2 rings to the Webstore for easy ordering. More Wire Wrapped Bead rings to come. Also, I've begun working on Wire Knot Rings and I have 1 available (Copper Jewelry Wire - Size 5) that I will be adding soon to the sales Gallery. With the Crazy weather, our power has been going out so I've been unable to get nice pictures and online. Thank you for your Patience! 

3/17/2011: New items are coming! I have 2 rings that will be photographed soon. Both are Wire Wrapped Faceted Beads. One is a child size "Cherry Quartz" wrapped in Copper and the other is about a size 10 "Blueberry Quartz" wrapped in Silver. Both will be listed at $5.00. If you would like a specific gemstone, pearl, crystal or Glass Bead Ring, please email the details and I will send a quote back. 

9/10/2010: Pre-Orders are still available for the "Fly" Arabian Collar, however, the only option available is the 2nd line of trim along the top. I will be updating the sales gallery & webstore to reflect this and I have an optional green/tan/white rope trim in stock that I may offer. Also, I have available to me a 3" Hunter Green Buillon Fringe for really inexpensive (less than the "Fly" trim!). You can have this added to the Cream for details.

9/5/2010: Found some more of my Navy base for the Arabian Collars. You can order it with custom fringe. Email for a price quote. 

9/3/2010: Requests for specific colors for the "Fly" Arabian Horse Collar (and possilby Headstall cover, depending on how much of the trim is left over) ends 9/11/10 and then I will be purchasing materials to finish it in my preferences. Price is set to range from $18.50-20.00 (remember, these are SALE prices).  See detailed photos in the Horse Wear Sales Gallery, then order through the webstore or email me with your requests and I will place a hold on the item. Payments are still required in advance.

9/1/2010: I've had to re-order my power supply for my sewing machine, so I can finally start my sewing projects again. I hope to have some items completed soon. 

8/10/2010: I ordered some Tassel Fringe )for an Arabian Show Collar) in Wine, Cream & Olive. It will be at a "Sale Price" since I purchased the trim on sale. These colors would look great with Horses in Gray (esp. Rose Grays), Black and Bay. I may have enough to make a cover for a halter or bridle. A product photo of the trim is in the Horse Wear Sales Album.

8/4/2010: Added a new Sales Album Horse Wear. Currently it features an example piece of Orderable items, An Arabian Show Collar. These cost around $35-$40 depending on the trims ordered. I will be adding more items as I can, but if you are interested, please email me with any questions.

6/29/2010: Added new items to the Sales Gallery- Bodice Enhancements & Necklaces. 

4/30/2010:  Added a New Album (Household Goodes) to Sales Gallery, currently it has 2 candle products in it. The photos are coming soon so temporarily there is an image of (French) Queen Anne of Bretagne cir 1508.

4/20/2010: Created a Sales Gallery featuring all of our items for sale in addition to the limited Webstore. To order from the Sales Gallery, please use the Contact Me page and I will invoice you your total or answer any questions you may have. 

3/5/2010: Added a new product and a new feature to the homepage. Currently we are unable to attend any events, but I am expecting to go to an Equestrian practice soon as well as a fighter practice in Santa Cruz.