Bracelets & Earrings For Sale Bracelets & Earrings For Sale SOLD Genuine Aquamarine Cabochon Earrings in Sterling Silver These earrings feature a pair of matched GORGEOUS Aquamarine cabochons that are 3/4" long. They are wire wrapped in Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver hoops that mimic the pear shaped stones. The ear hooks are also Sterling Silver. SOLD 197349619 Citrine & Hessonite Garnet on Sterling SIlver Earrings The drops are gorgous Citrine with tiny faceted Hessonite Garnets on top. They are strung with Sterling Silver Head pins on Sterling Silver Ear Hooks. Very pretty but dainty. Perfect for the Lady's Wardrobe! $15.00 (+Optional Shipping) 134761501 Genuine Ruby Crystals in Silver Filled Spirals Genuine Ruby Crystals wrapped in Silver Filled Wire. They are matched as closely as I could get them (natural crystals do not grow the same). Currently on Sale for Valentine's Day $18.00 (+Optional Shipping &/or Gift Wrap) Order them via my etsy page (link below) ( 155442826 "Alexandrite" Antinqued Gold Filligree Earrings These earrings are a lovely Filigree shape in Antique Gold colored metal. The drop is a color-change Swarovski Crystal (Alexandrite) that changed from Purple to Blue (see next image). Very lovely and a perfect compliment to your wardrobe. $20.00 (In the sales gallery) 197349617 "Alexandrite" Earrings alternate lighting only This is to show the color change to blue in daylight/incandescent light. In Fluorescent light they are the light purple shown above. 197349618 Golden Rutilated Quartz Earrings These are Golden Rutilated Quartz (clear quartz with "golden" rutile inclusions) wrapped to hang as earrings and hanging from Gold Plated Ear Hooks. These are quite large and I can custom wrap a matching faceted stone ring (Golden Rutilated Quartz) at an additional cost. $25.00 (+ Optional Shipping &/or Gift Wrap) 197349620 Renaissance Golden Drop Earrings These earrings feature a large (15mm/ .75") Golden bead with a faux pearl beneath. They offer a simple bit of movement at your ears but will match your Renaissance Lady's Wardrobe. $15.00 (In the sales gallery) 197349621 SOLD Genuine Aquamarine Chips in Silver Filled Spirals Genuine, untreated Aquamarine Chips wrapped in Silver Filled Spirals. I matched the chips as best as I could before wrapping them. These are a unique piece as it is all one piece. $SOLD (+Optional Shipping & Gift Wrap) 155442820 Genuine Aqua Chips in Silver Filled Spirals, alt view Same earrings but against a black background. 155442821